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Andhra Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe

Andhra Spicy Chicken Curry

Andhra Spicy Chicken Curry 1


  • chicken 1 lb / 1/2 kg
  • Onion 1 big , chopped finely
  • Tomato 1, finely chopped
  • green chillies 2
  • curry leaves few
  • Oil 5 to 6 tspns
  • red chilli powder 1 spoon
  • turmeric powder 1/2 spoon
  • salt 1 spoon
  • ginger garlic paste 1/2 tspn
  • cumin seeds 1/2 tspn ( jeelakarra)
  • mustard seeds 1/2 tspn ( avaalu)
  • Garam masala powder 1/2 tspn
  • ginger a small piece  (one tspn)
  • garlic 4 cloves
  • coriander seeds (danialu) 1 spoon
  • cloves (lavaga moggalu) 3
  • cinnamon stick ( dalchina chekka) 2 each 1 inch  in size
  • kuskus seeds (gasagasalu) 1 spoon
  • grated coconut 1 spoon

 How To Make Andhra Spicy Chicken Curry:

  •     First Marinate the chicken with salt,red chilli powder, turmeric powder n a spoon of ginger garlic paste n keep aside till we make other arrangements for the curry.
  •     Now chop the Onion,green chillies n tomatoes.
  •     Make paste with all the masala paste ingredients listed above…add little water in middle n make it to fine paste…this paste is the very essential part of this curry.
  •     Now heat the skillet with 5 to 6 spoons of oil…we are not going to add water in this curry,so the oil should be enough which gives good taste for non veg curries.
  •     When the oil is hot enough add cumin seeds  n mustard seeds , when the mustard seeds starts spluttering add chopped onions,green chillies and  curry leaves..saute the onions till they become transparent ( half cooked),now add the chopped tomatoes n saute for a minute till r cooked , now add the marinated chicken and the masala paste which we grinded before.. increase the flame to high for 3 to 4 minutes n cover the skillet with lid…so that  the water from the chicken will be oozed out  due to high pressure…take care not to burn the chicken.
  •     After  3 to 4 burn minutes..when u open the lid…u  can see the water that is oozed out…now reduce the flame to sim n let it cook in low flame till the curry is done…stir the curry occasionally…when the curry is done , oil floats on the top n the chicken piece also become too soft n tasty..even the gravy tastes awesome..adjust the spices if necessary …
  •     Sprinkle little garam masala powder in the curry before offing the flame..Waite for 2 minutes n off the flame n garnish with coriander leaves if required.

Andhra Spicy Chicken Curry

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